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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guitars and Art

Hello everyone, sorry it's been a few days. I just started my new job at Target and I've been working since Monday. Though today, I had some time before I went to work and so I did some nail art last night. Also what helped me along with my art was the fact that I recieved my runner up prize from Jordana Cosmetics for the Halloween nail art I did! Exciting right? I'll post a picture of what I won further down in the post. Besides that, my boyfriend has given me a great idea to do themed nail art, and he photographs them for me. Last night was the first attempt at doing nail art themed around something else. I ended up using one of his guitars and did nail art to match that, using some of the Jordana polishes I won of course. I did it all with brushes free hand since the tape I tried to use was wanting to pull my nail polish off. My free hand isn't that great but I feel like I did a decent job on it. I really hope everyone loves what I've done!

I tried to get the angles of the guitar into the art, I think it worked out!


 Here's the prize that I won, minus about 7 more since I gave them to my mom. Thanks Jordana!


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