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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A few polish mixes

About a month or so ago I decided that I was extremely bored and started to fiddle with the nail polish I had lying around. So I grabbed a few of the old polishes I had and started to mix them up along with some nail art glitter, and some glitter polish. Somehow I ended up making a few purpleish ones and one blue one. By far I love the blue one I created.

First off the one on the left was a blue polish that I had, it was brandless, so I grabbed some glitter polishes, red, blue, and silver and shoved them in there. Little did I realize it was a blueberry scented polish! So it turned out maroon like and scented like Blueberry. How cool right? The middle I started with just a clear base and added these blue shred glitters, and blue fine glitters to it. About a minute later the base stripped the blue off the glitter and left the glitters silver! I thought it was ruined, but the base tinted into the blue color. I let this one sit for about a month and actually painted two of my toe nails with it to see what happened. I left it one for 2 weeks and it was fine! The glitter just sinks to the bottom. The last one I  made was a purple brandless/nameless polish. I ended up adding some glitters to it, some fine ones which made it shimmery and I added some glitter from Wet and Wild's Party of five glitters. It turned out pretty, but I'm not sure if I'm too fond of it. I hope you enjoy my little creations! I had making them..maybe I'll end up making some more.

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