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Thursday, May 30, 2013

NPB Glitter A-peel base coat

I know everyone has heard and probably tried using the glue base coat to make having a glitter mani easier, but kinda gave up after a while. At least I did. I used the glue base a few times, and though it was a lot easier then removing glitter on it's own, it had it's downfalls. One being it's drying time, which is FOREVER. As well as the wear time, which I've heard is only a day or two, though I've never tested it. So after some searching I came across something that would possibly make it easier. After reading some reviews and seeing it was available for purchase, I decided to try out Nail Pattern Boldness - Glitter A-peel. After I ordered and received it a few days later I decided to try it out! First I wanted to test the drying time. The drying time for GA-P is so fast, way better than glue. I haven't tested the wear time on this yet though, since I just wanted to see if it's easy to remove. Oh boy was it! I used an OPI Liquid sand that I had. I'm not sure how easy it is to remove Liquid sands with just acetone, but it was a breeze with Glitter A-peel. I used two coats of GA-P and two coats of OPI Liquid sand- Can't let go. It seems that it works better with two coats as a base rather than one.  After testing it with my left hand first I was able to peel them off in large chunks, then I tried it with my right hand by putting a cuticle stick under the tip of the polish and it came off in whole sheets! I think I'm going to test it later, to see about the wear time, and with a top coat. Clean up was simple as well, it left a tiny bit on the nail which came off with one swipe of acetone, but if you wanted you could use non-acetone remover to make it less harsh on your nails. You can purchase it on Etsy or the store site. Here's the facebook page!

Here are some of the pics I took of it!

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