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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swatchy goodness

I haven't done a blog post in a while, and I apologize for that. Been a crazy new year. Anyway to make up for it I've done an assortment of swatches of some of the polishes I've gotten or had for a little bit. I hope you enjoy. Just a warning this is pic heavy.

This is one of the scented colors from the "candy shop" 5 pack that was at Rite aid during Christmas. The scent for this is "Vanilla Frosting" I think it smelled like vanilla, not too sweet though. Enough for me to keep sniffing my nails. Ring finger and pinky have a top coat. Which you can still smell it through the top coat. Also I forgot to put white undies with it, since it's neon even after three coats you could see my nail.

 This is another of the Fresh paint colors from Five below. It's purple with some silver glitter that kinda changes colors to a goldish color.

Oh man, this one. I love this color from Pure ice. Maybe I just love cremes, not sure. Honestly I think this color looks pretty with my skin color. Loving this green though. This was also WITHOUT any type of topcoat, very shiny and super smooth.

 Ah! Here's my little treat for everyone. I've noticed that people are really into holos these last few months, so I decide to share two of mine. Both have undies of Sinful colors- Jungle trail. First is Sally Hansens hard as nails in Night Lights. I heard that this was only in a certain gift set or something a few years ago? I'm not sure I don't really remember how I got it, but I love it of course! It's a dark grey holo. It's pretty sheer on it's own even with a few coats, hence the undies. Second is NOPI's make a comet-ment, which is a silver holo. Very pretty! I wasn't sure how sheer this was so I just put it over the same undies as the other. Of course it looks awesome too!

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